Whether it's a short day tour to that local attraction that you've always wanted to explore, or an extended holiday to one of Australia's iconic regions or beyond, Group Link Travel understands your group's needs. Since 1996 we have built our business on high quality products that maximise inclusions and value for our customers to minimise the hassle. In 2011 we commenced our comprehensive day tour program, which was a huge step forward. In 2016 we introduced the Group Link Travel Club - this gives us the ability to provide better service to individuals and small groups, whilst allowing travellers to experience all the benefits of group travel, including significant discounts and newfound friendships.


Whilst Belinda oversees all operations of Group Link Travel, her most enjoyable activities including working with her staff and making new friends in the customers. Belinda also enjoys the occasional tour escort duties.



Instrumental to the success of your inclusive tour, Megan works on tours and tour planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly. A highlight of Megan's job is working with clients to create tailored and meaningful tours.



Wayne is in charge of sourcing and managing our wonderful clients in our website directory. Wayne enjoys talking to clients who are truly passionate about their business.

Publications & Advertising


Zac works on a range of special projects, allowing us to improve our communication of products and better engage with our customers. Zac enjoys the problem solving and creative aspects of his role.



Group Link Travel's very own 'Jack of all trades' - no two days are the same for Hannah, who works hard to support the day-to-day activities of accounts, publications and tours.

Administration & Finance

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